Most men know that when a specific urge hits you, the urge needs to be given in immediately. It’s the worst if you happen to lack the means of giving into your needs the moment they hit you. I have created a list of bedroom essentials for various types of moods that might hit a man when waking up or when feeling it late in the evening.

Lubricants – You can never have too many of them.

It’s just so exciting to know that there are so many various lubricants out there. We have the regular water based lubricant, which wears off in a while and keeps your skin soft and moisturized. Then we have the silicon glides, which are meant for longer plays and wet play like sex in a shower.

Organic and vegan lubricants

Then there are the organic and vegan glides for that super cared-for skin and veganism. We have the effect glides, which create a cold or warm sensations, some prolong ejaculations and some increase sensitivity  – so many to choose from!

Better safe than sorry with water based lubricant

It’s a safe bet to always have a water-based lubricant ready for you. It does no harm to select one that is a little more thicker, so that the glide is smoother and it’s also suitable for anal play. I recommend buying one with a pump system, so you can pump out a dosage with ease and if you need more, you do not have to struggle when your hands are already covered in lube.

Condoms! A lot of different condoms!

Sometimes you want to please yourself, sometimes you want to please her. There are more than one type of condoms out there, so listen up! It’s super important to know about these ones.

Of course we have the regular latex ones. And then you might have heard of the ribbed or dotted ones for her pleasure. But have you ever heard of a condom with tentacles? Maybe calling them whiskers would be less revolting, but these condoms are totally meant for her pleasure. They may make your penis look like an aliens’ reproducing system, but she will be positively surprised once she no longer sees it and starts to feel it instead.

Like not wearing one at all

If you’re a fan of not using condoms at all but want to stay safe, then there is an alternative –  a polyurethane condom which is super thin. You will barely feel it around your penis as it’s so thin, that it will let you experience every single thing, from the texture to the inner temperature. You’re probably thinking that if it’s super thin, then it’s super fragile, right? Quite the opposite actually – they are strong enough for you to have worryless anal sex. And the best part is that if you happen to be allergic to latex then these bad boys are a guaranteed win-win situation for everyone involved.

Oral sheets

There’s one more product that a lot of people haven’t heard of coming from the condom family. It’s a dam sheet. Dams are very thin sheets, often with a good smell and taste, that are meant to cover the vagina or anus of your partner while practicing the alphabet with your tongue. The dam is very thin, therefore still tickling the millions of nerve ends without you having to worry about the hygiene or diseases of the other person.

Cock rings – do you even know what they are for?

To start with, we have a lot of different cock rings available. There are the regular stretchy smooth rubber rings in various sizes and spotted rubber rings for extra stimulation, we have the leather ones, the metal rings, the ones with a vibrator inside, the ones that seem to have too many holes for anything to fit in there logically and the 2-in-1 cock rings + penis extensions. What’s the difference?

All cock rings increase the duration of an erection, making the veins more visible and the penis much harder to the touch.

Rubber rings

The rubber ones are good for quick action, but since they might squeeze too hard, they are usually good for rather shorter plays.You can position the ring under the head of your penis, under the shaft of your penis or put your testicles and penis both through it to get a different sensation. It’s also super uncomfortable if you get any hair stuck around the penis ring, so if you are bushy down there, consider buying a leather or metal ring. It’s easy to lose the rubber rings, since they actually are the size of a regular ring and some cheaper rubbers can deteriorate when in contact with some lubricants. The plus side is that they are super cheap to buy and every single sex shop sells them.

Metal and leather

The metal rings could be worn for a little longer periods, since they do not actually squeeze your junk. When you’re wearing one and get an erection, it’ll help keep the blood in the penis and maintain a longer erection, increasing sensitivity and making your penis harder. My first idea when wearing one was “what if I get stuck in it?” – well, just make sure that you don’t wear a ring that’s too small. Start with a rather bigger size and move down as needed. The rings are usually sold in packs of few various sizes, so keep that in mind when buying one.

The leather ones and the ones that seem to have too many holes in are used similarly as described above. Just make sure you don’t feel any discomfort or pain and you’ll do good. Start with simpler ones and move up to more serious alternatives depending on your manly urges.

Vibrating penis rings

The most sensual experience comes with the vibrating cock rings. You equip the ring and control the vibration pattern and intensity from the toy itself. Vibration is a wonderful booster for erotic games and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy it – it’s a whole different world of sensations. The best part is, you can enjoy the cockring with a partner – she will feel your throbbing, veiny and vibrating cock and she will be wanting more.  

Masturbators – oh god yes

Many men love the feeling of a blowjob. There’s something special in feeling someone’s wet, warm and soft lips and tongue around your manhood. If you’re thinking that a hole is a hole, what does it matter, then I guarantee you, that a mouth, vagina and anus all feel totally different to a man.

Cyberskin wins always

Most basic needs can be solved when using imitators. If you enjoy oral, anal or vaginal sex, get yourself a cyberskin masturbator, which is easily washable – there is no greater turn off than to struggle with a toy after using it. Cyberskin means that it is very similar to the actual human skin. These sorts happen to be a little more expensive, but it’s worth it. Think of it as an investment. The cheaper ones are usually meant for one time use, since they cannot be cleaned without breaking the plastic around the inner parts.

Find the one that surprises you

The ones that surprise you are the special masturbators. The ones which have a little bit extra to them. Like the 2-in-1 mouth-vagina ones or the ones that move around your penis, like Masturbot. You turn the machine on and the small soft parts start to rotate around the penis, creating a whole new world of sensations since no mouth or vagina could do that in real life. Some masturbators have an automatic lube dispenser inside or the possibility to regulate the suction amount. Some can be fixated on the wall or floor, some look like a real butt with the butt cheeks and even more.

Sex toy cleanser – It’s a healthy habit.

It’s a good habit to spray your sex toys with a special sex-toy cleanser after you are done with them. Usually warm soapy water does the trick, but the sex toy cleansers will take away any bad smell that might have caught on.