Lubricants’ main objective is to decrease the friction, not sensations. They are meant for everyone: men, women, members of the LGBT community, heterosexuals, young ones and those not so young anymore.

How would one know how to distinguish them and how to find the right one? Lubricants can be divided into four different categories: water-based, silicone-based, vegan/organic, and anal lubricants.


Water-based lubes ensure smooth lubrication (sometimes with the addition of Aloe Vera extract). The sensation is not long lasting but can be felt immediately. As a bonus to good lubrication, these moisturise the skin. They are not sticky. Water-based lubricants gives off a cooling sensation to the skin. Your water-based lubricant can have added flavourings, vanilla, cherry, mint, coconut and so many more.

PS! Water-based lubes are good to use with condoms and sex toys.

Find our selection of water based lubrications here:


Silicone-based lubes are wonderful, silky, and last as long as you use it. People love this type. It leaves the sensation of silky skin afterwards. Did you know that silicone-based lubricants can also be used in sports? For example, if you are training for a triathlon or keeping yourself in shape in other ways, the silicone-based lubes can help you reduce the friction. A small amount can last for a long time and evaporates when the friction decreases. Those lubricants are perspiration and water safe.

After a longitudinal research in a Swedish laboratory, another silicone-based and natural lube has been created, which has a nourishing effects on the skin. The products are not absorbed by the skin, which maximises the silkiness and smooth for a longer time. These lubricants can be washed off using water and soap. Silicone-based lubes are condom friendly and work immediately. Here is our selection:

PS! Many Silicone glides are not suitable for using with condoms or toys as they will melt or break.


Organic lubricants are 100% natural – glycerine free, petroleum free, paraben free, preservative free, and chemical free. It leaves the intimate zone nice and lubricated without being sticky.

Carefully selected components offer the best and immense lubrication with the minimal friction. At the same time the lubes moisturise your skin. These are recommended by physicians. Intimate gels decrease the friction, moisturise the vaginal and anal walls, which in turn makes the insertion of toys much more pleasurable. The lubricants increase the amount of intimacy and gives a bigger chance for both partners to reach climax.

These lubes are also condom friendly and sex toy friendly. The effect is immediate. To research further into the world of vegan and organic lubricants, check it out here:

PS! Some organic lubricants are not suitable for using with condoms – make sure to read the information leaflet thoroughly.


The anal lubricants are specifically made for anal intercourse. They are usually thicker and sometimes with added numbing effect. It is good to be used with toys and condoms. The main objective of the lube is to decrease the friction, pain and uncomfortableness. The lubricants also help to decrease the allergic effects to certain condoms and sex toys. If you want to see the options, check it out here: