In today’s world, sexual toys are not only meant for women, but for men too. There are many different and unique sex toys that the male population can use. Some of the toys are so good, that they cannot be replaced! Today we’re going to take a look at 3 toys that will allow you to rest your hand. 

When with a partner

First one on the list is a Tenga Egg. For that product you can say that good things do come in a small package! Tenga Egg is a masturbation device meant for men. The microscopic dots on the egg which tickle and stimulate the penis whilst the criss-cross stimulating strips are covered inside the egg for some extra sensation. There are different varieties of the egg which helps you to experience the ultimate orgasm. Tenga Egg can be used by your partner to give extra pleasure. Is it not a good gift for and from your partner?

Like previously said, there are different varieties of the eggs. For example, there is one called “Thunder” (Click here!) which would lead you to dizzying sensations!

Personal massager

Who would say no to a really good massage? A wand is a personal massager for you which has changeable speed levels. Would your partner be able to give you a massage with 13500 RPM? Guess not! There is nothing that can match the wand.

The massager, which was first meant for massaging the shoulders and the back, has found another use in achieving really good orgasms. Both parties would benefit the most from this device, but the best part is using it hands free. 

Hands free

With the vibrating penis ring! ATOM PLUS is the first penis ring with two integrated motors in it. It allows you to feel intense simulation and vibration on your shaft and your perineum. This unique sensation that the perineum vibration gives you during masturbation leads you to strong and intense orgasms. This is ideal for an intense, solo masturbation session or for penetrational use with partner.

Sometimes it’s good enough with just you and some sex toy.