There are times when the libido can decrease due to different natural causes: tiredness, giving birth, stress, hormonal inbalance, and menopausal conditions. Also, bad blood supply can be the reason why good orgasms are not reached during the intercourse. Erotic gels are helpful for these issues!

Erotic gels are meant for women and men to help make sex life more pleasurable. For example, after giving birth the vaginal muscles are stretched out. Or when you have the need to have a more sensitive erogenous zone to obtain more heavenly orgasms. Also men can increase sensitivity with these gels. Or perhaps want to temporarily bigger penis. Erotic gels are perfect way!

There are four different types of erotic gels:

Sensitive gel – which, like the name says increase sensitivity. The gels would work up the blood supply and the effect starts immediately after application. For instance, the sensitivity increases after every application. And not only for women, also give effects for men!

Warming gel – this one would increase the blood flow to the erogenous zone, which itself increases sensitivity. This gel also helps to naturally secrete mucous for better lubrication. Note that, it’s also helps men.

Maximum gel – this is for men and helps to increase sensitivity and penis size. It’s unique formula effectively stimulates the blood flow, which enhances penis stamina, desire and size.

Tight gel – which helps to restore the tightness of vaginal muscles (even after giving birth). It also stimulates the moistness of the region. The gel starts working 15 minutes after application.

The main aim of these gels is to help spice up the sex life in one way or another. They are all perfect to use solo or with a partner. PS! The gels are condom friendly.

Get one and start testing!

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