Berry flavoured? Vanilla flavoured? Or maybe cotton candy flavoured? Red berries? Strawberries? Perfumed? Natural? Yes, these are some of the options you can choose from with massage oils. Why not make body exploration more intense and fun with massage oils?

These special oils have been created just for you and your partner to discover pleasure. The power of touch has immense properties and with the massage oils, it can be amplified even further.

The massage oils are light, non-sticky, and moisturizing. They do not leave any stains on the bed sheets or clothes. After a comfortable and erotic massage (or maybe even after lingam massage), there is no need to change the bedsheets, instead you can enjoy each other’s company through romantic cuddling.

The massage oils are suitable for sensitive skin types, so you can use those oils as body lotion to make your skin smooth and silky to the touch.

Not just for massage

Also you can use the massage oils as a perfume. In the antique times, those aromatic compounds were used to create excitement and arousal. Breathing in the aromatic oils, the specific compounds will make their way to the olfactory system, which controls the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and sexual impulses.

It is more than enough to put just one drop of the oil on your wrist or the neck to make the oil work like an aphrodisiac. Who knows, maybe you are able to seduce that special someone. Maybe you will find a partner to try the massage oils and the massage candle with.

Body Brushes – massage oils with flavors.

With the demand rising, it’s only natural that industries try and create totally new and surprising types of products. YESforLOV has created a Body Brush with flavored massage oils, for that extra tasty and sensual application. The tip of the brush is soft and tickling. Available from the middle of the month, so keep an eye out for that!

If you like playing with fire, try massage candles

If the massage oils are not enough, explore the special massage candles, which give extra sensation and excitement to the massage session.

Massage candles are made just so that the candle wax is warm to the touch but not too hot to burn the skin. This is to create a diverse experience along with the massage session, which gives the joy of thrill for both the giver and receiver. If you’re looking for a massage candle with spicy and aphrodisiac smell, take a look at YESforLOV’s titillating massage candle.

May is our month of massage. If the massage oils caught your attention then take a look at the options we provide.