Je Joue G-Kii

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You don’t have to wonder how to hit your G-spot. Grab G-Kii!

Receive a complimentary scented massage candle and a cosmetic bag with every Je Joue product!



Je Joue G-Kii

Reach your G-spot every time with our customised new Je Joue G-Kii.

Every woman’s shape is unique, and this is the only vibrator that can be curved into the perfect position to suit you.

G-Kii can also be transformed into a dual-action toy, allowing for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

G-Kii is the key to unlocking the female G-spot, for newcomers, those more experienced and couples alike.


Uniquely adjustable, truly innovative

The G-spot does exist! And these sex toys can help you to find it. The G-spot is an area of highly sensitive nerve endings inside the body that can, when stimulated properly, lead to incredible orgasms for both men and women. In women, the G-spot is typically located about two inches inside the vagina towards the belly button, and is roughly walnut-sized.

This special zone can be a little hard to locate, but once you’ve found it, pressure or massage is the key to stimulation. Specifically designed to hit that elusive area, G-spot vibrators feature a curved tip, which provides focused pressure exactly where you need it. They can also be used as clitoral stimulators.

Whether you’re determined to find your G-spot, or know exactly where it is and want to hit it with ease, G-spot vibes get straight to the point.

If you’re beginning your search for the G spot, make sure you’re aroused first – it enlarges when you’re turned on and will be much easier to locate. Aim up towards your belly button, just behind the pubic bone. If you explore with fingers first, it will feel like a firm, slightly rippled area.

For your first time with G-Kii, try using the head at its natural angle. Then, as you become more familiar with it, experiment with different curves to discover your perfect G-spot position

Steady, consistent pressure is the key to G-spot stimulation. Once you’ve found it, try rocking G-Kii in a consistent back and forth, or small circular motion, to arouse that sweet spot.

With five vibration levels and five different pulsation patterns, you can choose the perfect vibe to suit you.

We advise using water-based lubrication with all our toys, for a perfectly smooth experience.

NB! While recharging, make sure that the recharger’s magnet is connected properly.

Receive a complimentary scented massage candle and a cosmetic bag with every Je Joue product!







Beginner; Advanced


Vaginal; G-Spot

For Whom

Women; Woman & Woman;Woman Man


Rechageable; Gentle to the Skin; Extremely Quiet; Many Vibrations; Waterproof;


Black, Purple, Lilac, Fuchsia