Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images, primarily between mobile phones, of oneself to others. If you have ever sent a nude, you know what we’re talking about. It’s a fun, flirty way to stay connected with your partner. It keeps sex on your brain all day and adds a little adventure, which recreates that loving feeling from early in your relationship. A perfect way to heat things up!

Of course, you have to be certain that you know and understand the other person. Surprises and accidents do happen. There’s nothing worse than texting the wrong person. That’s why it’s a good idea to only engage in sexting if you’re in a space where you can fully concentrate on what you’re doing. It’s probably not a great idea to sext at work. If you’re sexting with someone you don’t know very well, it’s good to protect yourself by excluding features that would make you identifiable. As soon as the picture leaves your possession, it’s essentially out of your control. If you use iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos, your images and videos are automatically being synced to a library in the cloud, meaning they don’t just live on your device. Make sure that your pictures won’t get into wrong hands.

Sexting is all about the build up. Sending a naughty selfie of your cleavage will grab their attention. This will make sure what your intentions are and if the person is willing to play this game. It’s almost the same as a regular intercouse – you start slowly with a foreplay as a warm-up.


If you are newbie to this sexting thing, try some of the following tips:

  1. Try to start slowly. Tease him/her a bit. Heat things up.

For example:

“Thinking about you”

“You’ve been on my mind lately”

“Where do you want to touch me?”

“Send me a pic”

“Im so wet/hard just from the thought of you”


  1. If they are turned on, keep teasing.

“You make me so horny”

“Can’t wait to touch you”

It’s important to let things go naturally. If you are a girl and sexting with a guy, tease him and go slowly. Don’t reveal too much. This way you keep things going and the outcome is magnificent.


However, keep in mind some precautions while sexting with a stranger:

  1. Don’t show your face.
  2. Avoid doing it at work – we’re pretty sure it can end awfully if one of your coworkers or worse – your boss sees that.
  3. Do not keep the photos. Make an agreement with the person you’re sexting with whether you’ll both keep the pictures or not. When you don’t have a passcode or you have a habit to leave your phone lying around, it’s better to delete them immediately. One way to do it safely is Snapchat or using the Instagram play-once feature! But first of all make sure you send the snap right away but not from your Camera Roll. Otherwise the other person can save them. Even if you have a trusted partner, things can still go wrong after a breakup. No matter how committed your relationship is, take precautions to protect yourself and your image.
  4. Protect yourself from screenshots. No matter what app you use, it’s never going to be 100 percent possible to prevent someone from taking a screenshot or recording of the photo or video you’ve sent. This is important for those who are sexting with strangers. Do not show your face or anything recognizable.

So remember that sexting will never be 100 percent safe but a lot of people are going to sext anyway. You’ll always be taking some risk when you send or receive naughty messages, photos, or videos. If you do not want to take any risks, you should not sext.