The main point of this article is to appease the curiosity of men and to bring out a couple of things that women like in bed. Maybe someone would find something interesting and new to try out.


  • To read their own personal and favourite book knowing that all of her obligations and tasks have been fulfilled.
  • If the woman is not a big fan of books, then she might go along the road of watching cute cat videos on her device.
  • To communicate with her “girlfriends” and listen to music without any interruption.
  • To listen to some awesome jokes – it would be nice when a man is funny enough to make her laugh in the evening.
  • To enjoy a relaxing foot massage after a long day.
  • To venture into the world of dreams whilst being hugged and cuddled by new bed sheets.
  • To finally fall asleep between strong, manly arms as the little spoon.


  • To wake up naturally with the sunshine. Maybe the smell of pancakes of fresh coffee would make the morning even more enjoyable.
  • To wake up when everybody else has gone to do their daily activities. The silence that soothes the soul whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.
  • To wake up with a marvellous hairstyle and a sensation of well-moisturized skin.
  • To remember how good was last night. 

Now that the secret has been revealed, it is your turn to decide if and how are you going to realize her needs. 🙂